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Bernal Property, Pleasanton, California.  2006

Bernal Property, Pleasanton, California. 2006

Friends envision a Pleasanton of tomorrow

Holding fast to a sense of home-town community and heritage;

Enjoying a quality of life enabled by its moderate size; Whose heart and soul is in its vibrant downtown;

Where there is balance and a comfortable, small-town pace of life;

Where an informed and dedicated citizenry, mindful of yesterday while confidently shaping tomorrow, actively strives to keep Pleasanton distinctly unique among area cities.

Friends favor planning decisions for Pleasanton that

Originate from the careful consideration and consensus of Pleasanton citizens, not outside interests;

Respect the value of surrounding undisturbed open spaces and scenic resources;

Anticipate a slowdown in growth before the onset of large-city problems.

(Special thanks to our Friends of Livermore, whose community ideals Friends of Pleasanton share!)

Friends of Pleasanton FPPC #1298550

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